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Tuesday June 28, 2011

Win $50 from Trafficswarm

Double Likes Facebook Contest! You know you like us, so make it official...and make $50 from Trafficswarm

Here are the details:
-Trafficswarm currently has 251 "Likes" on our Facebook page
-Once we hit 502 "Likes",  you can win $50 CASH!
-The Winner will be randomly chosen a week from today, 7/5 and paid via PayPal.

That means you only have one week to tell us you like us socially. Tell Everyone! Once we hit our double numbers, the drawing will take place and a member is selected at could be you! 

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Win $50
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Top Trafficswarm Promoters this month
Edward T.
43,737 Referrals
21,868,500 FREE CREDITS
Alex H. 
9467 Referrals 
4,733,500 FREE CREDITS
Hal W.
7095 Referrals
3,547,500 FREE CREDITS
Stone E.
6878 Referrals
3,439,000 FREE CREDITS

PAYPAL Now Accepted!
Always wanted to upgrade to PRO, but only could do so through PayPal? We are NOW allowing PayPal to upgrade to PRO.
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What is going on with Trafficswarm ?!
All you need to know is that we had a bit of a issue with the dreaded ROBOTS!
A handful of automated robots sneaked in and slowed us down tremendously.  We are well aware, and erasing these bogus accounts.

Too show our apologies, we are GIVING YOU A COUPON for any purchases made on Trafficswarm in the next month. Please enjoy and thank you for your patience.
          Coupon Code = Robots                    Value: $10 off any purchase made
Expiration: July 31, 2011
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Trafficswarm has always loved this CB Cash Code for our affiliate marketers. No website creations, no hosting, and no costs.... Get ready for the future of affiliate marketing...
Best Regards,

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