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Oct 31, 2011


We have mentioned it before, but as a reminder we finally have the site builder up and working.

PRO members get an unlimited amount of sites to build and with their provided hosting, they can go anywhere with their site. FREE members have to choose carefully, you only get to build one site.

Since it took us so long, we are offering  you a $10 off coupon for your patience and to help you at any purchase at Trafficswarm before the end of the year.

            Coupon Code: October
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Site Builder Coupon
$100 /1,000 Credit "Like"
Top Promoters

Top Trafficswarm Promoters this month
Edward T.
43,979 Referrals
21,989,500 FREE CREDITS
Alex H. 
9463 Referrals 
4,731,500 FREE CREDITS
Hal W.
7293 Referrals
3,646,500 FREE CREDITS
Stone E.
7243 Referrals
3,621,500 FREE CREDITS

PAYPAL Now Accepted!
Always wanted to upgrade to PRO, but only could do so through PayPal? We are NOW allowing PayPal to upgrade to PRO.
Upgrade NOW!
Facebook "Likes" Contest 2 - Still GOING!!!
We had such a great response to the last Facebook $50 giveaway "like" contest, I wanted to see if we could go from 994 Likes to 2000 likes. That's a little more than 1000 that we need. Once that happens....let do another drawing for $50 $100 and a seperate drawing for 1000 credits.

IMPROVED: The amount has increased from $50 to $100 once we reach 2000 Likes!
Congrats to Charles are winner of PRO for Life Contest! He will never have to PAY one cent towards an upgraded membership and always enjoy all benefits of the membership.

Thank you Charles for participating in the contest and we hope that you enjoy your monthly 5,000 credits, commissions, site builder, article submitter...and all else to come!
Best Regards,

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