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Is Protandim Ingredients Natural Or Synthetic?

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Protandim Ingredients claims this power house pill that fights antioxidants like some antioxidant super hero? Let us see if they can prove this? Protandim claims it has 5 all natural botanicals that are safe providing you or your loved one are not allergic to these five Herbs.


Green tea extract; we see green tea in many energy drinks these days along with some supplements. Green tea is known for added energy and good for weight loss, used for cancers and has a little value as antioxidant but the list could go on. Green tea does have some antioxidants, but does a good job of stimulating our metabolism. 75mg In Protandim.


Green tea can cause side effects in some people (rare), such as stomach issues or just sleep problems, but its pretty low, most people do just fine, and its been used for centuries.


Bacopa; been known to man for many hundreds of year if not thousands. Benefits from Bacopa are great for an anxiety, along with helping people's memory. 150mg of Bacopa in Protandim ingredients.


Milk Thistle; Preliminary studies suggest milk thistle supplements may be beneficial for people with cirrhosis. It may improve liver function. More research is needed; however, because many of the studies conducted so far on milk thistle and cirrhosis have been poorly designed Milk thistle may protect the liver against toxicity from acetaminophen (Tylenol), alcohol and other drugs. In Europe, milk thistle is reportedly administered to patients when they are given medications known to cause liver problems. 225mg in Protandim.


Ashwagandha: In Ayurvedic, Indian and Unani medicine, (Unani system of Medicine owes its origin to Greece). Ashwagandha is described as "Indian ginseng." Ashwagandha is used in traditional African medicine for a variety of ailments. Studies working with toxicity show that this botanical is well tolerated and safe. Correct dosages of Ashwagandha are important; but, in Protandim it's very low. Large amounts could be problematic for some.


Turmeric (Curcumin) Extremely safe; however in very rare cases people can be allergic. It's been used for thousands of years from cooking to a medicinal herb. In very large dosages it can be a mild blood thinner, but in the dosage in Protandim it's not going to do anything. When you eat a curry dish you eat more Turmeric than what is in Protandim.


People would have to consume over 86 glasses of red wine or eat 365 oranges to have the same antioxidant dosage as one Protandim tablet. Protandim ingredients, also lowers C-reactive protein levels within the body. By lowering these protein types, risks of developing hypertension, high blood sugar and cardiovascular disease are reduced. Protandim also works to produce the enzyme, Glutathione, an important anti-inflammatory that can reduce joint pain. Dr Oz did this whole thing on, Glutathione and is amazing.


Now, Dr Joe McCord had begun researching with Protandim ingredients over 40 years ago and started with 41 herbs and ingredients. Due to some not being safe when combined, they did not make the cut. We now know the 5 that did the rest may very well be history.


The investigating I have done on Protandim ingredients it is clear that it is "all natural."


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