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This is for everyone

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Purchase banner add advertising for just 1 dollar a share and earn money for doing it. Your Chance to join a profit share program for very little outlay.
$1.00 dollar shares that mature at $1.30
the more shares you have the more you earn from the profit share daily.The only work you have to do is click 10 adds daily,(takes 5 minutes tops)
Fund for as little as $10.00 via Paypal (10 shares) and then build your account ,everytime it reaches $1.00 purchase another share and so on. Of course you can withdraw if you want when your earnings reach $10.00.(withdrawals are reliable by the way, No worries there)
And a massive 12% personal referral commisions,this alone is big.
everytime your personal referrals purchase or repurchase shares you earn 12% comms. Happy days.
For every share you own you will receive banner credits to advertise any business you like to the company membership.(must not be rude lol)
Membership is free up to 100 shares and thereafter it is $3.50 per week, this all goes into the profitshare pool which gets paid out to us all.
This is working and working well.
So if your looking to join a profit share program to give this online thingy a go
then here is a very good start. click the link to join up.

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