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5 Must-Have Websites If You Market Online!

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5 Must-Have Websites If You Market Online!    

Would you like to know how to get started with an online business? Here you go!   

Here's a list of favorite sites that I use for online marketing. I left out the obvious like Facebook & YouTube, but the following sites give the tools necessary for marketing on Facebook and YouTube.  

1. or - Of course you have to have a website. You're probably going to need to blog, and Wordpress provides both. The difference between the two has to do with hosting so that's up to you which way you go. Mine is .org because its part of my package with The SFM.    

2. - Building your list (potential and/or current customers/clients) is the most important part of your business. No traffic, no sales. Coming in a close second, is communicating with your list. Emails are a great way to contact your list. Aweber helps you manage your list, send & track emails. The free 7 day video course that I sent you was managed by Aweber.  

3. - This site is amazing! You can get almost anything done for $5. Just started a Facebook fanpage?  Need some "likes" ? $5. Need a logo? $5. A short video cartoon ad? $5. You have to check it out to see all that they can provide. I recommend checking ratings before hiring anyone.   

4. - To do online marketing, you must have a "sales funnel". This is just a way to send traffic to see your product/opportunity. You place an ad on the Internet and it's linked to a webpage. This is called a "landing page". Yes, your website or sales page can be that destination but a good funnel doesn't just send traffic, it helps qualify these "leads" first. If you are selling womens shoes and you have to pay for the traffic, wouldn't you like your "traffic" to be women? Simple Lead Capture is a great tool for building these landing pages, especially if you are wanting to get their contact information, which is how you build your list. This can be tied directly to your Aweber account.   

5. - To get people to give their contact info, they must get something of value in return. This could mean a free sample of your product or some sample training, but sometimes you may not have the ability to give away samples. Clickbank offers loads of possibilities of things to give away. Free book downloads, how to courses. Click on their Marketplace link & search "free" to look for something compatible with your business/opportunity.       

Not only have I just given you my Top 5, I have also given you a small blueprint for creating your business!      

Have a blessed day!!



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