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Driving Correctly in Video Games

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Alright people, time for my next tip of the day for this website, driving correctly in a video game.  I received a lot of comments from people asking me how I can teach them to drive around in a video game.  Well, I got to thinking about how many people use the skills in driving from life to driving in video games and thought mostly these two areas are a little different, but have the same principles.  For those who are already drivers, games like these come as easy as walking.  But for those who do not know how to drive, these games can take time to learn from.  But they might be able to help you understand the basics of driving in life.  Let’s go through some of the tips that I have personally gone through to see if I can help everyone to understand how to win even the toughest of racing video games.

Tip #1: Breaks are your best friend

You need to learn that being fast is not all that you can take from a racing game.  Knowing how to use your brakes will create a better racing experience for any driving fan.  Let’s use, for example, a car driving up to a sharp turn.  Now, most people would probably see this turn and will do one of two options when they are first driving.  Option one is that they could use their brakes to stop or slow down and ride off into the turn giving the other player to race pass you without even stopping.  Option two is for the person to try to gun it, run into the wall, and bounce back into the game.  Now you would still be out front of your opponent, but your car will take an awful beating making it hard to drive your car throughout the rest of the race.  But there is a third option that is guaranteed to get you going in the game without slowing down or damaging your car.  The player could instead use their breaks to their advantage by allowing the car to roll or speed up to a certain point before the turn, use their breaks while at the same time turning the head of the car into the direction of the road, then just before the car nears the end of the turn, they let go of the breaks and slides right into the road and keeps going without losing traction on the road.  A clean road victory without getting your car smashed.  You can also use your breaks to psych out your opponents if they get behind your car.  Just pull out into the lead and if the other player is too close to you, drive right in front of them and tap your hand brake to slow down for a second.  Most likely, that will make the player behind you slow down almost to a halt to avoid hitting you if they can.  Even if they slam right into the car, you are moving at a fast rate and should not get too much damage from the hit and you will still keep up farther than your opponent.  Breaks can help you out a lot in any racing game as long as you know when to use them and how often in the game.

Tip #2: Hug the corners the best way you can

Making a turn is sometimes very hard to do.  Especially if you are racing another opponent who is right next to you before you make the turn.  What you need to do in this case is to try your best to hug the corner of the turn.  What I mean by this is that you need to avoid going in the outside area of the turn, which is the far side of the corner that is away from a turning point.  The closer you can get your car to the turn while driving, the better chance you will have at making it through the game.  This also makes it a better fit for you when you are making turns hugging the corner.  The reason is when you are turning the corner, the tail of your car will spin out and you will need as much room as you can get in order not to hit the sides of the corner.  The best method is to always stay on the side where you are making the tight turn on the corner.  So if the turn coming up ahead is going to your right, you should try to drive on the right side of the road to make the turn easier if you can.  But if the road is a two-way road where there are cars riding on the left hand side of the road, don’t drive on the left side.  Instead, try to wait until almost the last-minute to turn to drive on the left side of your lane or right along the yellow divider.  You can still make your car turn perfectly to the left as long as you stay on your side of the road.

Tip #3: Use your eyes more than your hands

Using the hand-eye coordination technique is a great start in any racing game.  Seeing where you are going makes it easier to know where you should be going.  This also improves your skill at fast reaction time not only in the game, but also in life.  However, most people suffer through what most people call tunnel vision which is something that everyone has who begins any driving game or lesson for the first time.  This is where your vision sight is narrowed only to your line of sight.  As humans, we can see straight ahead of us, but we can also see a little ways towards the sides, above, and below us without having to move our heads.  But when a person experiences tunnel vision, a person is so interested into not making a mistake on the road that they are constantly keeping an eye out on just the road and not the larger area environment.  This scenario makes it very difficult to drive your car on long roads.  Try to get used to driving around in the game if you can.  Do not do any missions yet but instead drive around the town during the day time.  Speed, race, drive, do whatever you want until you can get a feeling for the car and can look around the entire screen while driving.  Then, try a night-time scenario and do the same things.  It might be a little harder to do, but you will eventually get used to it.  After you are pretty good at driving around the environment, then you are ready to try some missions.  Your eyes should be ready to be used with your hand motions through the game where you can start using the basic driving techniques for the game.

Tip #4: Practice makes perfect

No matter how much you think you know about driving, you still need to keep practicing on improving your driving skills.  You do not necessarily need to drive day or night every night for the next couple of weeks to get the hang of the game.  You just need to take it one step at a time.  Learn to drive around the roads first, and then learn to stick on your side of the road while dodging traffic.  Afterwards, try some daring moves for a while and using your previous moves at the same time.  You should also use other items if you have them like any booster fuel, weapons, or a tag team if you have any of them within the game.  Finally, put all of these together and make it a free-for-all game while having fun at the same time.  Don’t worry if you are having problems driving for your first couple of days.  Trust me, it will get easier the more you play


It’s easy to drive fairly well in a game compared to driving in life because you can make as many mistakes as you want and never feel bad about it.  If you do the same things in life as in these racing games, you will pay for it big time.  One thing to learn is that driving in a game and driving in life are two separate things.  Yes, you are able to learn some of the minor points while driving a car in a game such as driving on the right side of the road, knowing how to move the car and steer it, and learning how to get out of dangerous situations.  But driving in life is way more responsibility then what most people think of.  You need to drive at a constant speed depending on your speed limits in certain areas, know when and where to stop your car at a traffic light, don’t anger another driver, and always keep your eyes on the road.  So remember, racing games are fun and guilt free, but you are in a world of trouble if you think you can do the same driving tactics in life.  Always play save and "Have Fun Playing Your Games".

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