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Green tea therapy for weight loss

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If you seek substantial weight loss with natural ingredients, green tea may answer all your worries. Undoubtedly, green tea benefits our health in several ways due to its high content of antioxidants. Now, its ability to aid weight loss is also proven by the recent studies made in this direction. They show that green tea leaves help to increase the rate of metabolism and also to suppress the appetite. 

To understand green tea benefits for weight loss clearly, you should know the effects of this beverage on your overall weight and fat loss regimen. 

How green tea leaves help in weight loss?

The most common studies show that green tea leaves stimulate the process of thermo genesis due to the high amount of caffeine found in its composition. It is the process of burning calories through absorption of food, digestion and metabolism. It is one of the most commonly known benefits of tea for weight loss.

Other effects of green tea for weight loss:

Apart from increasing the metabolism rate, loose green tea helps your weight loss program in many other ways as well.

Reduction of belly fat:

Green tea health benefits include 4-fold reduction in belly fat as well. It helps to cut down the viscera and subcutaneous fat in abdominal region. It reduces the absorption of energy thus leading to decrease in belly fat. 

Hinders the enzymes leading to fat storage:

The catechins found in loose green tea help to hinder the enzymes that lead to fat storage. They break down the nor epinephrine in a way that its natural effects are prolonged to produce better results. Green tea health benefits include increase in breakdown of fat with better metabolic rate.

Recommended dosage of green tea for weight loss:

Green tea health benefits largely depend upon several factors including the processing of loose green tea, growing conditions geographical location, climate, and preparation process. Prefer the organic green tea for weight loss benefits. Also, the dosage of this beverage should be restricted to the maximum of 5 cups daily in case of adults. People suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, pregnant women and kids should consume it in absolute moderation. 

To avail the green tea benefits for effective weight loss, you should not only rely upon its consumption. Rather, combine it with a balanced diet and regular exercises in order to achieve better results. 

There are green tea supplements also available in the market. Prefer them only after taking expert advice. Most of the nutritionists recommend the usage of loose green tea for weight loss without any side effects.

Author: This article is written by a health advisor. Who provides the information on nutrition and gourmet health food and drink recipes.

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