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TrafficSwarm can help anyone – webmasters, e-commerce merchants, net entrepreneurs -- who wants to attract more hits to their web site and stand out from the crowd. Join for free today, and you get a ton of powerful benefits:

Targeted Traffic You’ll get visitors who are predisposed to like what you’re offering. They read your site description and... CLICK, they’re at your door.

Each visitor will be pre-qualified. That’s because they’ve landed on your home page out of their own curiosity and interest. These prospects are more likely to take the action you want them to because they read what you told them before they decided to CLICK.
More Visibility Your link – a true prospect generator -- will get displayed in front of thousands of surfers outside the TrafficSwarm network. That’s major!

Members of TrafficSwarm get an incentive – more exposure! – to place a link box on their site that rotates mini promotions for member URLs. When visitors to those sites read the promos in the link box, they inevitably click on those that pique their interest. Result: Tons more traffic!
Efficient Prospecting You’ll increase the likelihood of finding the visitors you want. Tweak your ad copy and new prospects can sample what you’ve got.

TrafficSwarm gives you the ability to test your promotion to determine what wording delivers the best results. Improved wording means better targeting. Better targeting improves the odds that visitors will like what you’re offering and will come back for more.
Valuable Intelligence You’ll be able to track and sample competitive websites in your category. When they offer something new, you’re on it: CLICK

There are now 150,000 sites in the TraficSwarm network. In categories like Business Opportunities, there are scores added daily. You can use your Start Page to keep on top of who’s offering what. If you’re an opportunity seeker, you’ll get to see what’s new and tempting now.
Increased Leverage If you recruit others to use TrafficSwarm, their activity generates more credits for you. More credits equals more traffic: It’s that easy.

Traffic Swarm members earn credits each time someone in their recruiting “down-line” opens their browser or uses the Search Box. Members can also earn commissions on down-line credit purchases, too. This adds up to more traffic, and with purchases – actual cash to you.
Marketing Muscle You’ll get special deals on cost-effective products that can help you grow and manage your Web business better. Success sells.

Our partnership with AdMinder is one example of the way TrafficSwarm members get “insider” deals on best-of-breed software products designed (in this case) to create online small business ad campaigns. We’re able to offer our members this product at a HUGE discount from the retail price.
Better Value You’ll be joining the number one traffic exchange on the Internet. Bigger means better when it comes to delivering targeted visitors.

The amount of traffic grows exponentially with the growth of the network. More members means more interested visitors for you. More sites means a greater selection for our users. More selection means more targeting As we cross the chasm – 100,000 members 200,000…you win too.

Best of all, it’s FREE! So you can’t lose. Sign up here to become a member.