Make Money Offers

TrafficSwarm is now offering FOUR additional ways to Make Money! You can try them all... or pick one or two you like!

1. Money Making Guides

Here's our Top Pick of money making guides and eBooks on the web that can help you get started...

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2. Get Paid to Promote TrafficSwarm

3. Make Money with PIPS

4. Get Paid to Complete Surveys!

Promoting TrafficSwarm is the quickest way to get swarms of FREE traffic to your website.

  • Earn $5 for every pro referral!
  • Earn credits for every free member
  • Tell your friends
  • New modern banners in multiple sizes to promote on your website
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PIPS or Plug-In Profit Site is a complete money making system that our members have been successful with for years!

With PIPS you simply follow the step by step instructions every day... and you're on your way to multiple streams of income, including TrafficSwarm commissions.

You simply refer people to one page ( Your PIPS page ) ... and when they sign up for any program, including TrafficSwarm, they will automatically be placed in your downline!

  • Create multiple income streams
  • Get more TrafficSwarm referrals!

As a TrafficSwarm member we have already created a free TrafficSwarm Research account for you!

Just login with the same email address and password you used to create your TrafficSwarm account.

When you click the link in the TrafficSwarm Research email to confirm your account, you earn 200 free credits on TrafficSwarm.

Each time you fill out a profile on TrafficSwarm Research you earn 100 more bonus credits on TrafficSwarm!

Plus, you get paid for every survey you complete and are entered to win $1000.