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"Hello, newest member here and I must say I'm impressed, 99% of these so called traffic direct sites doesn't direct minimum traffic nor free traffic , they may even offer free membership, but still no benefits of free membership; however, this site offer free traffic and membership, now of course if you want the best out of the site ,something does have to give,but it's affordable $15-$20 minimum for way more traffic to your site than the average traffic packet cost for just 100 to 1000 people."   Emelda Collier, Dec 16, 2015
"I love the new look of your site especially now i can check how my ads are doing from the detailed stats excellent site improved in leaps and bounds"   Harry, Sep 19, 2011
""All I can say about Trafficswarm is WOW AMAZING! if you are an affiliate of say google and no traffic then Trafficswarm will put you right on the map""   Ryan, Sep 11, 2011
"I love the fact that Trafficswarm gets all of your information into all search engines as quick as possible.TrafficSwarm has a variety of ways of getting traffic,commissions,etc.all to your website,all in a matter of hours.If you want to get your website on the right track,go to http://www.trafficswarm.com/go.cgi?1116369,and enjoy all that TrafficSwarm has to offer at such low rates.I promise,you won't be disappointed?"   David Blanks, Sep 10, 2011
"The trafficswarm is excelent advertising site where you can market your website with the trast I am verry happy. Sylvia"   sylvia, Sep 7, 2011
"I was becoming very agitated with your old site and was just about to cancel my membership.But wow!I love the new site,well done.It is fast and very funky.What a pleasure to surf now."   Johann Pieterse, Sep 5, 2011
"What a site, I can't begin to explain the amount of benefits this place offers! Such a friendlier and smoother feel than other traffic exchanges."   Martin Packer, Sep 4, 2011
"Thank you sooo much for doubling my monthly PRO credits from 2500 a month to 5000 every month. It was a total suprise!Your loyal and happy subscriber Maria Kuczborska"   Maria Kuczborska, Sep 3, 2011
"The new Traffic Swarm is really amazing, and great to look at. What a major improvement. And now, as a pro member, we get twice the bang for the buck. Way to go guys. Your service is well worth the membership fee, twice over."   R. David, Sep 2, 2011
"Wow I Love the New system!!! It is Awesome!!Thanks so much for the Bonus Credits TS, You Are the Best!!"   Ric Marine, Sep 1, 2011
"Wow! That is a lot of great testimonies!! I just discovered that my Pro Credits will be doubling to 5000 per month! How generous is that!! Right now I am banking credits until I am ready to use them. "   Jeanne Olson, Aug 31, 2011
"Thanks for the added bonuses! I was surprised and very excited. I love getting traffic."   Carol, Aug 30, 2011
"Hi,All I can say is wow! - Traffic Swarm delivers. I know - I've been a member for years!Keep up the awesome work...Philip Birchley"   Philip Birchley, Aug 29, 2011
"It was totally worth the wait for the upgrade and redesign of TrafficSwarm(TS). I knew you guys had it in you, since I've been a member of TS for over 12 years. The new upgraded site is so cool looking and fast now. TS is my favorite Traffic Exchange and the only one that I am a Pro Member of."   Joanne Green, Aug 27, 2011
"Traffic Swarm was the first traffic exchange that my wife and I were introduced to almost six years ago. We are very pleased with the results of Traffic Swarm and absolutely love the look and feel. You guys and gals at TS knocked a home run, AGAIN!"   Sam Burgess, Aug 26, 2011
"I'm a member of TrafficSwarm for 4 or 5 years and I love its simple link-exchanging principle: you click on other members' links (of course, if you're interested in the respective website) and get credits for that (depending on the number of clicks), and others click on your link. I also like the new website's design since the old one was a bit outdated."   Ivan Tadej, Aug 22, 2011
"I think your new site is absolutely great. Especially being able to see how many people are actually unique visitors. I have been with Traffic Swarm for quite a few years and find it to be my favorite site. Also the commissions you can earn and all the extras you have added make it a top notch choice. Keep up the good work! A happy Pro Member"   Eileen Lisbon, Aug 20, 2011
"Traffic storm is one of the best traffic exchanges on the web.I am getting great business exposure online. "   John Townsend, Aug 18, 2011
"It's insufficient to think about surfing Traffic Swarm solely for credits! After all, you are not looking for credits nor traffic aren't you? What you are looking for is INCOME! Therefore, your traffic must come from a targeted audience! And Traffic Swarm is just doing that! And in a very effective way as well!"   Wim, Aug 17, 2011
" Fantastic site! The opportunity it presents is invaluable. Delighted to be a part with all the advantages! Diane Wilkie"   Diane wilkie, Aug 16, 2011
"TrafficSwarm sounds good.Despite the fact that i have not fully tested it yet,the offers and ads i've received from TrafficSwarm are really unique and awesome.The services offered in the ads are great.Besides,the prices are very low!"   amin, Aug 14, 2011
"Traffic Swarm benefits me most because I like to check out what people are offering in terms of residual income. As a result of surfing, I have been exposed to new sites and various opportunities, many of which I have taken advantage of."   John Wilson, Aug 13, 2011
"I found TrafficSwarm about a week ago and have to say that it's exactly what I was looking for. I am very happy I found it!"   alba garcia, Aug 12, 2011
"It is a brilliant method of thinking that made trafficswarm call for closer relations with internet users."   Khalil S. Dadah, Aug 11, 2011
"WOW! is right, I cannot believe the change - it looks so different. I almost thought I was in the wrong place - now I have to learn everything over. Ha"   Ernestine Emery, Aug 10, 2011
"I've been a member for about a month now and I've got to say I enjoy every minute, especially the free points. Thanks! Angel"   Angel, Aug 9, 2011
"This is a great place to get lots of traffic for your website.This is an excellent free advertising opportunity even for the newcomers.I suggest just go and have a test drive!"   Jayanti Ghosh, Aug 8, 2011
"TrafficSwarm is one of the best traffic sites I've been at. With tons of real visitors for my site and gives me time to see other cool sites, it's a win-win!"   Thomas, Aug 7, 2011
"Hi,I am new here at TrafficSwarm, but I plan on getting old here! So far I like what I see!"   Ali, Aug 5, 2011
"Love the site redesign, much easier and faster. TrafficSwarm has been a great source of traffic for me and use it daily. I recommend it to all my partners."   Rick Bewick, Aug 4, 2011
"Trafficswarm is by far the best traffic exchange on the market. I have been using it daily and is getting my fair share of signups."   Jonas Grondahl, Aug 3, 2011
"I have been with TrafficSwarm for many years, so I don't need any rankings or votes for it. TrafficSwarm has been and still is the ONLY reliable free traffic source for sign-ups every single day for me. So come aboard today. You 'll be glad you did."   George Nikolis, Aug 2, 2011
"Trafficswarm is a wonderful site with lots of quality websites, best choice for natural traffic."   Amran, Aug 1, 2011
"Excellent high traffic site, has definitely increased my sales. Good Stuff!"   Brent, Jul 31, 2011
"I've been a happy member of Traffic Swarm for several years now. It's one of my favorite places to test out new ads and other promotions!"   Chad Flick, Jul 30, 2011
"A fantastic site in which to help promote my Betfair Promotion Code website in Australia. "   shaun bird, Jul 29, 2011
"I think TrafficSwarm is awesome."   Howard Whittington, Jul 28, 2011
"Wow! I love the new redesign, the site is so much faster! And it's a pleasure to be surfing for credits again! Nice job guys!"   Sergey Sagan, Jul 26, 2011
"Traffice Swarm is one of my top 10 advertising sources for marketing my Business. I have been able to build my downline with ease and effectiveness! See you at the Bank! Coach Cris"   Coach Cris, Jul 25, 2011
"I have used TrafficSwarm for almost 10 years now and I believe it to be the very best way to get traffic and sales, plus an awesome referral program. My advise, upgrade to pro and start earning more credits and more money now!"   Hal W., Jul 24, 2011
"Hey, great new user interface. Makes TrafficSwarm even better. This is going to make it even easier to promote the site. Congratulations, John."   John Priestley, Jul 23, 2011
"The new format threw me at first but it is growing on me. would like to see the fonts be a bit larger otherwise great."   Dutch S, Jul 22, 2011
"Wow really great this traffic exccchange site have been. Do you now that when you add you ads here you get index faster in google ? Well you do and it is great site. Trafficswarm is the best online traffic exchange and ads on program. Upgrade and get even more "   Henning Parr, Jul 21, 2011
"The new format is amazing. Anyone who is not excited about it should not be surfing. keep up the gret work."   James Baker, Jul 20, 2011
"Traffic storm is one of the best traffic exchanges on the web to build business exposure online. I started using traffic storm about a year ago, and eventhough my conversions to cash are not what I expected at first, I know it's a pretty good service as tracked by my clicky stats. With its easy to navigate pages and free bees, I'm sure traffic storm will have pressence for many years to come. I recommend anyone with an online mentality to use traffic storm and get indexed with results asap"   Hai Notes, Jul 19, 2011
"I have used Trafficswarm for years. It offers great exposure and very effective advertising"   Golf and Casting, Jul 18, 2011
"TrafficSwarm provides quality free traffic for newbies and veterans of the Traffic exchange world alike. But remember for any traffic exchange to work, you must provide a good product or opportunity and know what the surfers are looking for. Traffic Swarm works best after you accumulate 5000 credits, but remember the points you receive are for "impressions" of your text ad, so you must write a compelling ad that will draw people's attention and generate clicks"   Steven Shirey, Jul 17, 2011
"Having joined an affiliate program a couple of weeks ago I found that TrafficSwarm has enabled me to jumpstart my downline. The signups have all opted-in and appear to be in for the long haul. On the downside, you have to monitor the ads and perhaps move to a different category periodically. I think this site is still young in popularity but it has served me well"   Anonymous, Jul 16, 2011
"I haven't been using Traffic Swarm for very long but so far, I've made $65.71 on Traffic Swarm from 2 sales. As of this writing, for every 38 hops to my affiliate page, I get an order form impression. It looks promising. Only time will tell"   Ron Meiners, Jul 15, 2011
"Traffic Swarm has been an important part of my internet business experience. From having the site as my start up page, enabling me to earn credits just by turning on the computer, to the free skill developing coaching calls, Traffic Swarm gives great value. I enjoy different ideas in marketing coupled with the option to earn at the same time. At Traffic Swarm they always are injecting new and refreshed ideas on "how to" and "when", which often answer my questions before I even can ask! With all the choices in traffic exchanges, Traffic Swarm ranks Number 1 with me. To all who take the step and jump on board this train, I am sure you too will find it in your top five in no time at all."   Steve, Jul 14, 2011
"I have been with Trafficswarm a long time 6 or 7 years now. I have had more referrals with it then any other traffic site I have surfed. Yes it's better to be a paid member to any site but with traffic swarm you can surff as a free member and still get higher credits then most other sites that say come join and get FREE CREDITS. Trafficswarm gives credits if you’re free or Pro member. I have been both free and Pro. I will never stop using Trafficswarm"   Amanda B Albertini, Jul 13, 2011
"I have been using Traffic Swarm for 2 years to help me generate traffic to multiple sites. Traffic Swarm delivers fast, responsive traffic instantaneously. The Support and Customer Service is responsive too and they have great upgrade deals. So, if you're searching for fast responsive traffic...Traffic Swarm is the answer.” "   Dwight Wallace, Jul 12, 2011
"Traffic Swarm delivers better than any traffic exchange program out there. I like the active community of surfers and advertisers there that make the site work the way it does. If I could only choose one traffic exchange Traffic Swarm would be that choice."   Bennie Richardson, Jul 11, 2011
"Traffic Swarm is what I use the most to get taffic to my website. The visitors are real and the results are always better than the competition. I will continue using Traffic Swarm because it works"   Don Reed, Jul 10, 2011
"These guys are great! They have sent tons of traffic to my web site and I have gotten some good ideas from there site also"   David Crane, Jul 9, 2011
"Trafficswarm offers a great deal for upgrading, which I was glad to take advantage of. It is a great Traffic Exchange and the one I use the most for Start1Business"   Silviano Rodriguez, Jul 8, 2011
"I really like TrafficSwarm, Because of the opportunity to drive traffic to your sites as a free user, allows beginners a chance to succeed."   Mfagan, Jul 7, 2011
"This is a great sites with lots of quality websites. If you own a website its a great place to get sales and generate income."   Dougster77, Jul 6, 2011
"This is a great site for newcomers to learn about internet marketing and grow their list at the same time"   Diane Carson, Jul 5, 2011
"I use Traffic Swarm to learn what other good websites are out there, and it is one of my top sites I use to promote my own business. We are able to target the traffic directed to our site so we get those interested in our subject, and the visitors are quality ones who want to buy what I offer. Great site... you're missing out if you don't visit and participate"   Ultimate 01, Jul 4, 2011
"TrafficSwarm was one of the first traffic exchanges I joined when I first came online to grow my business. Actually, it was one of the first websites I joined. It taught me early on about the power of advertising and how important it is to use powerful subject lines to entice others to view my ads. Also, the power of the exposure my promotions have received at TrafficSwarm has been spot on. Surfing the site has always been smooth and I rarely experienced any unwanted occurrences such as frame breakers, etc. Recently they began offering members the option to post banner ads and that was probably the only criticism I may have had about TrafficSwarm, but now that they offer the option, I think they are as close to perfect as an advertising platform could be."   Jimmy Adams, Jul 3, 2011
"One of the best Traffic Exchanges, in fact I cannot think of a better one"   Vasko, Jul 2, 2011
"I have been using trafficswarm for a while now and have gotten great results. It's even greater when you are able to become a pro member… really wish there were more free ways to upgrade for a month. All and all the site is great and they even have a credit lotto, which is great if you are lucky enough to win it. Love it and will continue using it!!"   NA, Jul 1, 2011
"This is the only website that I know of that truly list and shows your website to real, active users of the internet. Exposure is fantastic and the more you use Trafficswarm, the more your site gets noticed. Other traffic sites paint a pretty picture but delivers poor results. I use Trafficswarm almost daily to promote awareness of my site and at the same time surf the internet for shopping or items of interest to me. Trafficswarm is the best site ever to deliver free traffic to my site! "   Anonymous, Jun 30, 2011
"If you need to generate traffic to your web site(s), then this is the traffic exchange to use. Allows you to enter up to ten sites, plus the number of hits per day that you want to each site."   Philip Reitcheck, Jun 29, 2011
"I was referred to Traffic Swarm by a friend of mine and I am very happy with their service. Their site is very clear and easy to navigate. My advertising on their site has been very effective. They email very helpful tips in their newsletters. The customer service department has always been very responsive and very clear with their responses."   Mary Higgins, Jun 28, 2011
"I have been a member of TrafficSwarm for around 4 years (maybe more). I use it not only to safely promote my sites, but also to see what else people are promoting, etc! TrafficSwarm has one of the top customer service departments in the industry! They take care of their members which is an added benefit on top of the great promotions you can do. Highly Recommend TrafficSwarm to anyone needing real (human) traffic looking at your site!"   Annonymous, Jun 27, 2011
"Trafficswarm is my first choice for traffic. I was introduce to Trafficswarm by a fellow marketer 6 months ago and have used daily to promote my other sites and drive real traffic to my sites. I can set my daily limits to my sites. I will continue to use Trafficswarm as one of my main sources of traffic!"   PC World, Jun 26, 2011
"I found Traffic Swarm about six-years ago and always come back to use it again. I use the site to surf because I want to keep up-to-date who is advertising and what they are advertising. I appreciate the ease of earning credits to use those credits to advertise for free. Thousands of active members who are surfing and thousands of Internet Marketers who understand the power of using a Traffic Swarm as a way to get their Splash Page, Website or Blog in front of interested prospects. Internet Marketers can easily target a specific audience too."   Michele Cesare, Jun 25, 2011
"I have been member of Trafficswarm for 2 years and always use it to promote my campaigns because I got a lot of referrals to my site from their real targeted visitors and members."   Ibra, Jun 24, 2011
"I love Trafficswarm. It's a great way to get my site out there and at the same time maybe find another website I might be interested in."   Eric Jean, Jun 23, 2011
"Excellent free advertising strategy. You can also get creative ideas from how other people are advertising."   Charles W Fizer, Jun 20, 2011
"Trafficswarm is a long-standing advertising site where you can market just about anything you want to a responsive audience. Signup free and upgrade if you wish. Give it a go. I did, and I stayed."   Jackie Rose, Jun 19, 2011
"A Traffic Exchange like no other, TrafficSwarm allows you to pre-sale your website with a short Text ad and description. Plus the pro membership gives you much more traffic."   Linda Lew, Jun 18, 2011