Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about TrafficSwarm. If after reading through and/or searching the FAQs you still can't find the answers you need, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks!
General Questions – General questions, and anything that doesn't fit into the other categories
Exactly how am I going to get traffic from TrafficSwarm?
Are my links displayed only to other TrafficSwarm users?
Hey! What happened to the TrafficSwarm Exit Page system!?
What browser settings are recommended by TrafficSwarm?
What if my site isn't ready yet and/or I don't want traffic now?
If TrafficSwarm is 100% FREE, what do you get out of it?
How do I know that my efforts won't be wasted by cheaters?
The Surf Page System – This section is for questions about the TrafficSwarm Surf Page system
What exactly is the Surf Page system and why should I use it?
Can you tell me about the "Do Not Click This Link" Fraud Test?
Why am I seeing links unrelated to the categories I've chosen?
How do I bookmark/add to my favorites a site on my Surf Page?
Why can't I just load my Surf Page 30 times as fast as I can?
Why can't I load my Surf Page using automated mechanisms?
Why can't I promote my Surf Page or let other people use it?
So what is the proper way to use my TrafficSwarm Surf Page?
I received a warning but have a good "excuse". Can I explain?
How to report a frame-breaking site when surfing
The Credit System – Questions about "credits" - what they are, how you earn them, etc.
How does the TrafficSwarm "credit" system work exactly?
Can you describe exactly how a user earns traffic credits?
When people click on my link(s) does it cost me credits?
How many credits can I earn for clicking on other users' links?
I clicked and earned credits, why didn't my "credits owed" go up?
Why does my number of credits keep going down all the time?
My credits don't seem to be used very fast, what's going on?
My credits are being used too fast, how can I slow it down?
Are there any limits to the number of credits that I can earn?
Can you please give me all the details about the Credit Lottery?
URLs, Titles, Descriptions & Links – Questions about your TrafficSwarm links, Titles & Descriptions
Can you give me some tips for the Title & Description of my site?
What exactly do you mean by my URL can't break out of frames?
How do I know how many visitors I am getting from TrafficSwarm?
What if I have multiple pages or sites? Can I promote them all?
How does the system determine when my links are displayed?
I want to make sure my link looks right, how come I never see it?
Can I get my link displayed at the top of the Surf Page?
I do not understand why my URL was rejected, can you explain?
What is the "Credit Cap" feature listed next to each URL I'm promoting?
Why is there an asterisk (*) next to each title?
Referral Program – This section is for questions about the TrafficSwarm Referral Program
Exactly what do I get for referring people to TrafficSwarm?
Where can I find banners, ads, etc. to promote TrafficSwarm?
Why didn't I get the 100 FREE Credits for referring someone?
People I refer are redirected to Do I get credit?
When I click my Referral URL I'm automatically logged in?!
Can I contact my "downline" to help them with TrafficSwarm?
What if someone I refer buys credits? Do I get free credits, etc.?
My referrals are disappearing! Are that many people cancelling?
TrafficSwarm Pro Upgrade – General questions and answers about upgrading to TrafficSwarm Pro
What are the benefits and cost of a Pro account?
Any idea how much all of these benefits are worth to me?
It's time for me to get paid! Exactly what do I need to do?
On which day of the month will I be charged a renewal?
What happens if one of my renewal payments fails?
What if I want to cancel and go back to a "free" account?
Do I get any type of refund if I cancel my Pro upgrade?
What if I have a problem in regards to my subscription?
What happens if I try to do a credit card "chargeback" ?
General Account Management – General account management questions for TrafficSwarm users
I'm having trouble logging in to my account. Can you help?
Why is it so important that I keep my email address up to date?
Why didn't I get the 100 FREE Credits when I created my account?
How do I "activate" my account and get my free bonus credits?
Can you explain what all these different numbers in my stats are?
How come my own stats don't match up with TrafficSwarm stats?
What should I do if I want to cancel my TrafficSwarm account?
Auto-Surf and Rotator Programs – "Auto surf" programs, how they compare to TrafficSwarm, etc.
Why is this better than my "auto surf" or "rotator" program?
So are "auto surf" or "rotator" systems good for anything?
What about various ways of loading my Surf Page automatically?
Just to be safe, can you explain the exact policy on this?