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TrafficSwarm is a breakthrough website promotion service that solves a key problem for online marketers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs: LACK OF VISIBILITY. Do you have something to offer and no one to see it? You’re not alone!

What you need is traffic, and TrafficSwarm delivers it – in a big way. We’ve built what’s called a “traffic exchange.” In fact we’re the leading traffic exchange on the Internet.

A traffic exchange enables members to swap links and visits. In simplest terms, you agree to check out sites belonging to fellow members and in return they send you traffic.

Each time you click on a member’s site you earn “credits”. These credits earn you the right to have your link posted on the TrafficSwarm network, thereby generating a veritable SWARM of traffic to your site.

The result is an unlimited flow of targeted and pre-qualified visitors to YOUR site – and everyone else’s site in the network. Since there are over 140,000 members and 150,000 URLs in the system, that’s MILLIONS of visits. You’ll boost your web site hits -- overnight!     Join now for Free!

The way members keep score in this exchange of visits and links is through a credit system. You can either (1) EARN FREE credits by looking and clicking, or (2) you can BUY credits. Either way, it’s the most cost-effective way to promote your site on the Internet – search engine key words, banners, pop-ups, the works. Nothing gives you better results than TrafficSwarm.

The Basic service is FREE. You’re under no obligation to purchase credits – or any of our valuable third-party site marketing tools – ever. You can simply accumulate credits by using our incredibly popular Start Page, Search Engine, or the TrafficSwarm link box that displays member site descriptions on YOUR site. Each of these credits earns you the right to additional displays of your site link throughout the network.

If you don’t have time to surf or simply want a super low-cost way to buy targeted traffic, you can purchase credits any time you want. Each credit you buy gets you more exposure in the network. More exposure equals more targeted traffic.

This illustration shows how accumulating credits delivers traffic:

Here are some of the many ways you can EARN free, valuable TrafficSwarm credits:

(1) Set your browser’s Start Page to your custom TrafficSwarm URL, and you’ll earn 1 credit each time you open your browser.
(2) Click on another member’s link on your Start Page and you’ll randomly earn between 1 and 1,000 credits for each site you visit.
(3) Use the TrafficSwarm Search Engine to find what you’re looking for, and earn between 1 and 1,000 credits for each site you visit.
(4) Play the TrafficSwarm Lottery and earn up to 25,000+ credits per day. You can also earn random “bonus” credits just for being a loyal member.

The fastest way to earn a lot of credits is to refer new members. (It’s easy, and your credits will accrue automatically!)

For each new member you receive: 100 credits

Each time one of you new members opens their browser you get: 1 credit

But the stream of visitors turns into a flood when you enroll others because TrafficSwarm automatically tracks whom you enrolled and then whom THEY enrolled, down five levels. You can watch it happen on your member page.

This is VERY powerful, because it's "viral". Once you refer a few other sites to TrafficSwarm (directly or indirectly) the traffic to YOUR site will increase exponentially and automatically. It’s the perfect swarm!
What this means is that if you refer Joe to TrafficSwarm, Joe refers Mary, Mary refers Sue, Bill refers Sally, and Sally refers Ed ... you will earn credits on ALL of these people, and people they refer too!

If you want to multiply this viral swarm of traffic to your site, the fastest way is to enroll others in the TrafficSwarm network. It’s really powerful.

Here's a simple, conservative example: Assume that you and everyone who is referred to TrafficSwarm refers just five other webmasters and opens their browser five times per day. A reasonable assumption…

Level Total Users Credits Earned
You 1 5
2 5 25
3 25 125
4 625 3,125
5 3,125 15,625
Total: 19,530

In this example, which is pretty conservative, your link would be displayed 19,530 times PER DAY ... and all you had to do was refer just five people. Hey, anyone can do that! What if you referred more? Or what if you refer someone who refers 500 other people? It happens more often than you might think.

And the example above does NOT even include all of the free credits that you earn for initially referring new users, or the free credits you earn by using your Start Page, using the TrafficSwarm Search Engine, and so on…

And remember, we're not talking about "free for all" links pages, useless "auto-surf" visitors, or other junk traffic. Your links will be highly targeted, and you'll get only live, more qualified traffic now. Join for Free!

STEP ONE: You enter some basic information about the site – or sites -- you want to promote including the URL, the TITLE, and a BRIEF DESCRIPTION. When you’re finished, it’ll look like this.

Ad Example

STEP TWO: You pick the category that fits your site
– for example “Business Opportunities,” “Shopping and Gifts”, etc. There are sixteen to choose from.

STEP THREE: You pick the category – or categories-- that you’re interested in seeing on your Start Page You can pick one, two, or sample all 16 -- the full meal deal!

STEP FOUR: You set your Web browser’s START PAGE to your custom TrafficSwarm address. (We show you how). This guarantees you’ll get a snapshot of eight site descriptions every time you start to surf. It’ll look like this.

Start Page Example

STEP FIVE: Sit back and watch the swarm of visitors hit your site!

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