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Thursday August 25, 2011

Earn 1200 FREE credits TODAY!!

TrafficSwarm Research: As a member we have already created a FREE Trafficswarm Research account for you. Login Here with your email and password used at Trafficswarm

>Confirm your account in the email sent to you for 200 FREE credits
>Fill out each of your 10 profiles for 100 FREE credits each
>Get Paid for every survey you complete and entered to win $1000!

PLUS....5,000 Monthly Credits for PRO Members!
We wanted to thank all of our PRO members and increase their credits from 2500 to 5000 monthly credits! Want in with this elite group?

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In This Issue
1200 FREE Credits
5,000 PRO Credits
Facebook "Like" 2
August $15 off Coupon

Top Trafficswarm Promoters this month
Edward T.
43,784 Referrals
21,892,000 FREE CREDITS
Alex H. 
9463 Referrals 
4,731,500 FREE CREDITS
Hal W.
7167 Referrals
3,583,500 FREE CREDITS
Stone E.
7072 Referrals
3,536,000 FREE CREDITS

PAYPAL Now Accepted!
Always wanted to upgrade to PRO, but only could do so through PayPal? We are NOW allowing PayPal to upgrade to PRO.
Upgrade NOW!
Update: Facebook "Likes" Contest 2

The following contest is still going on and our Facebook "Likes" are growing!    
Let's keep it going and hit our goal!

We had such a great response to the last Facebook $50 giveaway "like" contest, I wanted to see if we could go from the current 1,131 Likes to 2000 likes. That's a little less than 1000 that we need. Once that happens....let do another drawing for $50 and a separate drawing for 1000 credits.

 Login to Facebook here and "Like" us....prizes will be given when we hit 2,000
 $15 Coupon to Use on any Purchase until end of August
Tell us on the blog what you like about the new site? And of course what would you like to see. By going to our blog and commenting on a blog post of what you like  and what you want to see on Trafficswarm, you can use the $15 off coupon.
Comments must be approved so they have to be valid comments. Remember if you are approved with a usable comment Google will crawl your website as well. So include your website for more traffic too!
Best Regards,

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