You could rack up a billion impressions on other traffic exchanges, but what's the use if most of the "visits" to your site are made by automated robots, scripts, emulators, auto-clickers, and various other tools that cheaters use to steal your credits? Without real, live visitors you have nothing.

The primary reason that TrafficSwarm generates such remarkable results is because unlike most systems that force people to view random websites, with TrafficSwarm they get to choose what they are interested in.

You can read How It Works to see how TrafficSwarm is different from anything you’ve probably ever seen before.

But the second biggest reason is that cheating is practically non-existent on our network. We have incredibly elaborate automated monitoring systems -- along with manual investigation where appropriate -- to ensure that cheaters don't stand a chance.

Many traffic exchanges boast about their "visible anti-cheat protection". Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most traffic-exchanges that rely on "visible" anti-cheat mechanisms will always have a cheating problem.

The problem with relying on visible anti-cheat mechanisms is inherent to their design: They can be seen by the cheaters. This provides the cheaters with even more knowledge to figure out ways around any anti-cheat systems.

A few of our anti-cheat systems are visible or apparent to users at certain times, but these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Over two dozen such systems constantly manage and monitor every aspect of TrafficSwarm.

We're really proud of our automated monitoring systems, and our lead programmer could talk your ear off explaining them all to you, but we just can't let him do that for security reasons.

However, believe it when we tell you that ALL the usage of EVERY aspect of TrafficSwarm is carefully monitored and logged, 24 hours a day. Most cheaters are caught within seconds or minutes -- automatically.

If you want more specific details, read our Terms of Service. Our automated monitoring systems constantly look for violations relating to anything that is mentioned there, but I'm afraid we can't be any more specific than that.

All users are "innocent until proven guilty", but some cheaters just aren't that smart and their efforts to steal other users' hard-earned credits are so obvious that our automated systems pick up on them immediately.

The rest of them get to do battle with Joe, who just loves a challenge. He constantly monitors the automated monitoring systems, looking for anything out of the ordinary and investigating when necessary. Joe's idea of a good time is tracking down an elusive cheater at 3AM and nabbing him.

It really depends on what you've done. The repercussions include everything from warnings, to account deletion, to legal action if necessary.

In the case of a blatant violation, here's what will happen at the very least:

  • Your TrafficSwarm account(s) will be permanently deleted.
  • Your email(s), URL(s), IP address(es) etc. will be blacklisted.
  • We'll share everything we know about you with our partners.

(They will usually delete your accounts at THEIR sites as well)

If you think you've found evidence that someone is cheating - let us know. If we are not already aware of it, we'll give you 10,000 FREE credits. And even if we are already on the case, we'll give you 10,000 credits as a way of saying "thanks.”

We're winning the war against cheaters, and it's going to stay that way. No matter how hard they try, we'll try harder. Because YOUR success with TrafficSwarm depends on it. If you have any suggestions or comments about our anti-cheating protection, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.